About Us

The Xpress Skin Story
     Xpress Skins was born from the idea of providing customization services for phone cases since we were tired of wearing the same boring case all the time. But, one day, we decided to stop the project and ask ourselves what brings us together; and what we really would love to do for years. The answer was unanimous, must be anime related.

     At that point, we understood the path we needed to take and develop, that is what shaped us to be what we are. The reason we offer Itasha wraps is that we have and had our cars with Itasha wraps for the last 5 years. Also, we decided to leave the cases for Anime fans like us, and eventually we will add stickers, slaps, and other products.

     The ultimate challenge for Xpress Skins is to build a community of the forgotten ones; a brotherhood between those that cannot usually fit in society, those that like the anime, the ones that suffer from anxiety, introverts, entrepreneurs, weebs, and all those people that are simply like us. For the simple objective of helping each other, and others as much as we can.

We are located in Houston, Texas and ship throughout the USA and nearby neighbor countries. Our products blend high-quality protection from scratches, dust, and wear-out and attractive tailor-made designs.