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#XpressYourself... Custom Anime Cases

Customize your case and #XpressYourself.

Carry with you whatever represents you! You can now customize the back of your case with your favorite anime pictures! 

We provide the case with the graphic installed ready to use.

 The process is simple: 

 1 - Decide the picture you want. 

 2 - Find the model of your phone. 

 3 - Use the program to upload the picture and buy. 

 4 - Then just wait for it to arrive in no more than 10 business days.


Pick You Favorite Pictures

Xpress Skins was born from the idea of rocking whatever you want in your phone case. We carry our phone everywhere and we want to be proud of the things we like by wearing them in our phone case. Therefore, pick your favorite pictures and carry them with you!


The next step is to fit and design the case with those pictures you love about your favorite anime. Once it is centered and looks clean, you can go ahead and add to cart. There is where the magic begins at our sweet factory in the U.S.A.

Wait No More Than 7 Days!

Since we are not drop shippers, our orders process faster than the rest of the companies. We are located in Houston, TX, and we will continuously work to assemble your favorite cases in the U.S.A



Subscribe to get a 50% OFF!