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What Is an Itasha?

An Itasha (痛車, literally "painful car") is a car wrapped with anime, manga, comics, or video games characters. In the otaku culture, Itashas are used to [xpress] admiration, passion, and love for our favorite characters or waifus. At Xpress Skins, we strive to empower and grow this amazing community by providing fantastic customer service and high quality wraps. Our goal is to guide and educate our fellow otakus from their ideas to a stunning design. Designs that have won multiple awards and the hearts of many fans worldwide.

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The Process Behind an Itasha
All Itashas begin with an idea to show what you love!

Itasha Hood Wrap Examples

Itasha 3/4 Wrap Example

Itasha Full Sides Wrap Example

Itasha Full Wrap Example


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